On becoming Vegetarian

The only reason i stopped eating animals? simple really, i didn’t want to cause pain.

‘What?’ you may ask

To which my response is an easy test you can do on yourself.

step 1 : Make a small gap between your index finger and thumb of your right hand

step 2: Place this gap above your left bicep

step 3: close this gap while gripping the skin over your left bicep slowly and continue to apply pressure with all your strength

step 4: Ouch!

so you pinched your arm, painful eh?

Would garroting a neck, sledgehammering a skull, application of a few thousand volts of electricity to the body  or asphyxiation be less painful? if anything the momentary feeling might be far more painful and the dread of recognition of the pain would be tortuous!

So, in summary, pain, my reason for turning vegetarian.

Or i could go into a very detailed rant about industrial farming, all that will do is drive my conclusion away from its simple certainty.